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MP3 Complete

John Wiley & Sons
Fiction Historical

MP3 Complete Table Of Content


Part I MP3 Basics

Chapter 1 MP3 and Digital Audio

Chapter 2 A Hardware Primer for MP3 and Digital Audio

Chapter 3 Digital Audio and the Law

Part II Finding Digital Music Online

Chapter 4 Finding MP3 Files via the Web and Newsgroups

Chapter 5 Finding MP3 Files Using Napster and Its Friends

Chapter 6 Tuning In to Internet Radio

Part III MP3 on Windows

Chapter 7 Windows Players

Chapter 8 Windows Rippers and Encoders

Chapter 9 Windows Jukeboxes

Part IV MP3 on the Macintosh

Chapter 10 Macintosh MP3 Players

Chapter 11 Macintosh Rippers and Jukeboxes

Part V MP3 on Linux

Chapter 12 Linux Players

Chapter 13 Linux Rippers and Encoders

Part VI Taking MP3 beyond the Computer

Chapter 14 Choosing a Portable MP3 Player

Chapter 15 MP3 on Your PDA,on Your Home Stereo,

and in Your Car

Part VII Publishing,Promoting,and Broadcasting

Your Music on the Web

Chapter 16 Grasping the Opportunities the Web Offers

Chapter 17 Getting Your Music Up on the Web

Chapter 18 Broadcasting Your Music across the Internet

Part VIII Advanced Digital—Audio Maneuvers

Chapter 19 Recording Music Files onto CDs

Chapter 20 Working with MP3 Files

Chapter 21 Creating Skins for Winamp and RealJukebox

Chapter 22 Building a Serious Music Collection

Chapter 23 Other Digital—Audio Formats



MP3 Complete Editorial Reviews

From Barnes & Noble

The Barnes & Noble Review
This book is almost as good a deal as MP3 itself: 1,000 pages of up-to-the-minute MP3 help, for less than 20 bucks!

It's all here, from the underlying technology to the step-by-step how-tos. You'll find a solid hardware primer on MP3 and digital audio -- what equipment you need, whether you need a new computer or sound card, and so forth. Guy Hart-Davis and Rhonda Holmes show you how to find digital music online, from Napster to newsgroups to streaming Internet radio. The book includes extensive platform-specific MP3 coverage for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, covering players, rippers, encoders, and jukeboxes.

You'll learn how to pick a portable MP3 player; how to publish, promote, and broadcast your own music on the Web, and all you need to know about CD burning. There's a technical chapter on working with MP3 files (including hard-to-find information on editing ID3 tags, renaming batches of funkily named MP3 files, repairing "cooked" MP3 files, and more. Whether you want to create your own personal WinAmp skin or create a home audio server, it's in here. MP3 Complete is appropriately named. (Bill Camarda)

Bill Camarda is a consultant and writer with nearly 20 years' experience in helping technology companies deploy and market advanced software, computing, and networking products and services. His 15 books include Special Edition Using Word 2000 and Upgrading & Fixing Networks For Dummies®, Second Edition.

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MP3 Complete

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